The true story of Chimichurri Sauce ?. Get to know it here!

Paprika, garlic, oregano, parsley, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil; This is the perfect base for a good Chimichurri Sauce, but do you know its history? Chimichurri Sauce is a typical emblem of our gastronomy and of course, the best companion of our ribs and stews. There are many versions of this sauce and without a doubt, our recipe is one of the best you will find. But first we are going to tell you its little story and its origin in this article that we have prepared for you. You will surely love it!

From Worcestershire to Chimichurri! Brief history of Chimichurri Sauce.

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An Irish immigrant named James McCurry, known as Jimmy, was in search of Worcestershire sauce, also known as Worcestershire sauce. Realizing that his effort to find it would be in vain, he decided to create his own recipe with the ingredients available to him and market it. This is how the delicious Chimichurri Sauce was born, a word that derives from its Spanish name: Yimy (Jimmy) – Churri (McCurry). There is also another version. Some British experts assure that its origin is given by the English invasions of the early nineteenth century. Prisoners of the Spanish crown of the Río de La Plata, they were forced to live in those lands and adapt to their customs. That is why curry fans asked for it by mixing local, Spanish and English words, resulting in: «Give me curry». Whether any of the two versions of this delicious Sauce is true, the truth is that Chimichurri Sauce is one of the best companions for your meals.

How can you incorporate the O’Preve Chimichurri Sauce?

  • Hamburger: if you want to enjoy your hamburger much more, marinate the meat or directly wash the bread with our delicious Chimichurri Sauce. Your burger will have a special flavor!
  • Pork rib: to prepare this recipe, you must put the rib, at least one hour in dressing with the Chimichurri O’Preve Sauce and add salt. Then put the tray with the meat in the oven over medium heat for approximately 45 minutes. Halfway through cooking, turn it over and when it reaches the golden color it is ready to eat. Accompany with salad!
  • Stewed rabbit: marinate the rabbit the day before with our Chimichurri Sauce. Put oil in a saucepan and brown the rabbit well, add round potatoes, mushrooms cut in half or whole and some carrots in large pieces and a bottle of Chimichurri Sauce. Add a little salt and simmer with the pot covered for forty minutes. Uncover after the time and raise to high heat for five minutes until the liquid is reduced. To enjoy!

There are many options at hand to enjoy the Chimichurri O’Preve Sauce and you already know a bit of history. It only remains that you dare to try it, it will surely become the companion of all your dishes.

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