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Seasonings for All Your Dishes

Since 1985


  • Natural:
    Perfect to use as condiments

    We make meat sauces, fish sauces, sauces for: pasta, stews, rice, salads, sandwiches, tortillas and a wide variety of recipes.

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  • Traditional

    Since 1985 we offer our products in the Spanish market giving it to it an incomparable traditional flavor. For many years we have been committed to the quality of our products under the motto The taste for the natural.

    Churrasco Sauce, Spicy Churrasco Sauce, Chimichurri Sauce, Adobo Sauce and Bravísima Sauce!



Sauces without preservatives or artificial colors

Our sauces are presented in 175 ml bottles. You can use them in the kitchen as seasoning for your dishes, as well on the table so thateveryone can give that special touch to their dishes. Don’t you feel like having some natural sauce?

We also have other presentations more suitable for another type of activity such as catering. If you require more information you can contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Prepare hundreds of foods with a unique and natural flavor, sauces for meat, fish, rice, pasta and much more!