Marinated meat dumplings. The best option for your guests.

Some delicious marinated meat dumplings are the best option if you have surprise guests. Don’t worry, with these marinated meat dumplings your guests will be very grateful. You will not believe how easy they are to make and how tasty they are. This recipe with meat allows us to get creative, adding some of our sauces.

It seems that its origin dates back to the Arab invasion that our country had, in fact, already by 1520 it was spoken in cookbooks of dumplings stuffed with seafood. You can make them with many fillings, seafood, meat, chicken, ham … The options are many and you can always serve them as an appetizer on a special occasion.

Many regions of our country have adapted this recipe to their local gastronomy. The most named and known are the Galician empanadas in a larger version. The quick version to have at home can be the “dumplings” we can freeze and have them ready for any occasion or appetite emergency that we have.

Enjoy some delicious dumplings with O’Preve Sauces.

The first thing you should think about is whether to buy the dough or make it. This because? Well, because there are people who prefer to make it at home, however, with the busy lives that many of us lead, this requires preparation time that sometimes we do not have, so we can buy the ready dough and make life much easier.

And now the filling. It is super important to add some of our O’Preve Sauces. They have that perfect combination of olive oil, wine, vinegar, spices, seasonings, garlic, and salt. Is your mouth watering? We do, so we will not wait any longer, here is our recipe for marinated meat dumplings..

Prepare tasty Meat Marinated Pasties with O’Preve Sauces.

You only have to marinate the meat with one of our Sauces, Churrasco Sauce, Chimichurri Sauce or Adobo Sauce. Once the meat is marinated, cook it and then fill the dough with the dumplings, close them and fry. The flavor of the dumplings will surely surprise you.


Do you see how simple it is? And you will not be able to believe how tasty they are and how fast they are to make. Go ahead and try them with O’Preve Sauces! With us you will find … A taste for nature.

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