Pork rib: healthy, cheap and delicious.

The pork rib is present in our kitchens. It is one of those foods that we can prepare in different ways without losing an iota of its flavor.

The rib is a cut made up of the bony parts of the pig’s rib cage and has a sufficient amount of meat and bone. To make this recipe one of the favorites for all occasions. We can cook the rack of ribs whole or in pieces, accompany it with some potatoes, vegetables or salad. And of course, with a star ingredient that should not be missing: our exquisite Churrasco Sauce.

In addition, this is a food with a high protein contribution to our body, it contains a high percentage of vitamins and antioxidants. And as if that were not enough, it is white meat .. Come on, they are all advantages.

Go ahead and prepare pork ribs with our exquisite O’Preve Sauces.

There are many ways to cook pork ribs, on the grill or in the oven, but the most popular version is barbecue. They all have the advantage of giving us tasty meat. But today, we bring you a recipe that you will not be able to resist and it is your best option when it comes to surprising your guests.

To prepare this recipe, put the rib for at least one hour in a dressing with the Churrasco Sauce of Salsas O’Preve and add salt. Bake the tray with the meat over medium heat for approximately 45 minutes. Halfway through cooking, turn it over and when it reaches the golden color it is ready to eat. Accompany with salad.

Enjoy delicious ribs in your meals with O’Preve Sauces..

As you will see, preparing pork ribs takes time. The success of the recipe is based on the time you spend in the “mashing” process. The amount of minutes you let it rest in our delicious Salsa Churrasco de Salsas O’Preve.

So we invite you to take your time to make this divine recipe. You will get results out of ten!

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