Food with sauce: are you looking for options to cook?

There is a big difference between adding a simple sauce to a meal, to making a good meal with sauce. We know it: we love Sauces. When it comes to making dishes with this option, we hesitate more and it seems that we do not have so many options in mind.

Well, today we have the perfect recipe for you to solve this problem.

Exquisite marinated and battered mushrooms, with Adobo Sauce.

The procedure is very simple and practical. You just have to clean the mushrooms, marinate them with our exquisite Adobo Sauce and add a little salt. Pass them through egg, breadcrumbs and fry them. You can accompany them with potatoes, rice, salad, among others. The rest is to sit at the table as a family and enjoy a meal with wonderful sauce.

What better way to prepare food with O’Preve Sauces?

In the case of the previous recipe, this is made with the base of our irresistible O’Preve Adobo Sauce. The unique blend of flavor that this will give to our battered mushrooms is incomparable.

The texture of the mushrooms makes an ideal mix with this sauce. The mushrooms will add their flavor and body and our delicious O’PreveAdobo Sauce will take care of providing the dish with that juiciness and flavor that we are looking for so much. It only remains to suck your fingers.

One of our characteristics at O’Preve Sauces is that the flavor of our products is ideal for a wide range of dishes. For this reason, a combination that, at first, it was almost impossible to think, like adobo and mushrooms, turns into a wonderful and unforgettable meal.

If you add to this that O’Preve Sauces makes all its sauces with top quality raw materials and without adding any type of preservatives or artificial colors. In conclusion, whatever dish you bring to the table, if you have one of our side sauces, good taste is guaranteed.

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