Marinated hake: because fish never fails.

Hake is one of the most delicious fish and if it is in marinade much more. Its unique texture and flavor make it one of our ever irresistible dishes. This is easy to prepare, has few thorns and is extremely versatile, ideal for preparing it in different ways.

One of the most exquisite ways to prepare this fish is: marinated hake. By leaving the fish to marinate overnight in the fridge, at the time of its preparation it will give off that unique flavor. Flavor that the marinade with its garlic and parsley will have left.

In this way, A you will have a juicy and delicious piece of fish, with a rich flavor and very simple to prepare for a meal any day at home. The flavor that the marinade gives it is indisputable.

Hake or fish in Adobo with O’Preve Sauces.

We bring you the following recipe so that you can be filled with creativity and add imagination and flavor to your kitchen. Hake or fish with Adobo Saucede O’Preve Sauces.

This recipe can be made with fresh or desalted cod, monkfish, hake … First wash and dry the fish well, then garnish it with our Garlic and Parsley Adobo Sauce and salt it, pass it through flour and egg. Fry it in plenty of hot oil and it is ready to eat.

O’Preve Sauce Adobo Sauce, a delight.

O’Preve Adobo Sauce has an unbeatable flavor. It is ideal for preparing all kinds of fish and meat. As we show you in the previous recipe, it binds very well with fish and meat, as it is the typical garlic and parsley marinade, with its olive oil, wine, vinegar and a little salt, nothing more.

At O’Preve Sauces we take maximum care of the quality of the ingredients we use. The exquisite and unique flavor that our Adobo Sauce shows is one more proof of the quality of our products.

Make your meals unforgettable with O’Preve Sauces.

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