Special Catering with O’Preve Sauces

Special Catering with O’Preve Sauces.

Enjoy our
Special Catering with O’Preve Sauces. If you need a larger presentation of our product, we have 1-liter bottles for larger kitchens, restaurant, bar, inn, hotel. We have plenty of options, so that you can choose the one that fits the best for you.

Our Special Catering Sauces are presented in 1-liter bottles and in boxes of 12 units. They do not have added water, preservatives or artificial colors, this way we ensure you that your dishes are prepared with the highest quality sauces. Also, they do not contain any gluten. We offer the healthiest sauces to take care of you and your diners.

O’Preve sauces since 1985.

Our slogan in O’Preve Sauces continues to be “El Gusto por lo Natural”, (The taste of the natural), and always faithful to our traditional recipe, we only use 100% natural ingredients.

Our sauces are mainly made with   oolive oil, wine, vinegar, spices, condiments and salt, nothing more. You can use them in the kitchen, the oven, the griddle, the microwave, and outdoors on the grill. That’s why another of our favorite slogan is “El gusto por la naturaleza”(The taste for nature).

Our Special Catering Sauces, completely designed for you.

For all types of meat, we have our Churrasco Sauce, Churrasco Spicy Sauce or Chimichurri Sauce. These sauces can be used to accompany the plate or also to marinate before cooking all kinds of meat.

Our Adobo Sauce, made of garlic and parsley, a typical marinade with its olive oil, wine, vinegar and a little bit of salt. You no longer have to waste time crushing garlic and cutting parsley, we already do it to you. This sauce is ideal for marinating all kinds of meat, fish and seafood

Our Salsa Bravísima is more than a typical salsa brava, softer than a tabasco sauce and spicier than a salsa brava. Despite being a spicy sauce, it does not cancel the flavor of the food that you will be tasting.

Special Catering with O’Preve Sauces. Natural flavors on your dish.

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O’Preve Sauces we offer quality products with our Special Catering to highlight the flavors in your dishes. You will not regret it!

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