Our Recipes

Our recipes

Some recommendations for you to use O’Preve sauce both in the field and in your home kitchen.



With Churrasco Sauce, Spicy Churrasco or Chimichurri O’Preve

To prepare this recipe, put the rib in dressing for at least an hour with the Churrasco or Chimichurri O’Preve sauce and add salt. Bake the meat over medium heat for approximately 45 minutes. Halfway through cooking, turn it over and when it reaches a golden color it is ready to eat.
You can serve it with salad.


With Churrasco Sauce, Spicy Churrasco or Chimichurri O’Preve

The meat for the skewers (pork or lamb) must be diced. Salt and season with O’Preve Sauce and leave it to marinate for at least half an hour. Thread several pieces of meat on each skewer, put them on the grill so that they can brown well. Once done, you can add Bravísima O’Preve Sauce to taste.
Serve with fried potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.


With O’Preve Sauces

You can dress your chicken fillets with one of our sauces (Churrasco, Chimichurri or Adobo) or if not, both the Churrasco Sauce and the Chimichurri can be added once they are made, this will turn your recipe into something unique.
And Bon-Appetit!


With Churrasco or Chimichurri Sauce

If you want to prepare a quick and exquisite recipe, chop some sausages or some pre-cooked Creole sausages on a plate and pour on them any of our special meat sauces, Churrasco or Chimichurri. Put the dish in the microwave to heat for two or three minutes and you are ready to eat.
Quick and tasty!


cWith Adobo O’Preve Sauce and Beer

Put the chicken in a container or a bowl, salt and add the Adobo O’Preve Sauce, leaving it to marinate for half an hour. In a casserole add oil and brown some onions, add then add the chicken. Now, pour a beer and let it boil, then simmer for thirty minutes. Serve very hot accompanied by a vegetable stew or round potatoes.


With O’Preve Sauces

If you want to eat an exquisite bocadillo, drizzle the bread with one of our O’Preve meat sauces and add the sausage of your preference (cooked ham, shoulder ham, turkey, etc).


With Bravísima Sauce

When you have the rice or pasta on your plate, add a little bit of the O’Preve Bravísima Sauce, for a special touch. You can add it to the rice with cod, with cockles, with chicken, with vegetables, paella… or you can add it to the pasta with mussels, with meat, with vegetables, feel free to choose the ingredients that you like.


With O’Preve Sauces

When you prepare a tortilla, accompany it with the Churrasco sauce, the Chimichurri sauce or the Bravísima Sauce
Appetizing, tasty and juicy!


With O’Preve Sauces

If you prepare French fries, either as a main dish or as an accompaniment, pour on them any of our sauces (Churrasco, Chimichurri or Bravísima) and you will give to it a very special touch. You will taste the difference!


With Adobo O’Preve Sauce

This recipe can be made with fresh or desalted cod, monkfish, hake… First wash and dry the fish very well, then add to it our sauce, then salt it and pass it through flour and egg, fry it with plenty of hot oil and you will be ready to eat it.


With Chimichurri Sauce

Season the chicken pieces with salt and pepper and fry it. Remove it to a plate. In that same oil, we poach vegetables and the seasonings for ten minutes (onion, garlic, parsley, leek, green and red pepper, tomato and carrot), add the chicken and some chopped potatoes. We add a bottle of Chimichurri Sauce and let it cook for 30 minutes over low heat with the pot covered, after this, we uncover and let it reduce. And it’s ready! Delicious…


With Adobo Sauce

Clean the mushrooms, marinate them with our sauce and add a little bit of salt. Pass them by egg, breadcrumbs and fry them. You can serve them with potatoes, rice, salad, etc.


With Chimichurri Sauce

Marinate the rabbit the day before with our sauce. Add oil to a saucepan and then brown well the rabbit, add some round potatoes, cut mushrooms in half, add some carrots in large pieces, and add a bottle of Chimichurri Sauce (since it is going to be cooked in this sauce). Add a little bit of salt and simmer with the pot covered by forty minutes. Uncover after time has passed and rise the temperature to high heat for five minutes to reduce it. Now we enjoy!


With Adobo Sauce

If you want to give your mayonnaise a special touch, mix it with our Garlic and Parsley Adobo Sauce.
The combination between mayonnaise, garlic and parsley will get you an intense flavor!


And O’Preve Sauces

Marinate any type of meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey, pork, veal, lamb …) with any of our meat sauces (Churrasco, Churrasco Picante or Chimichurri).
Place the meat on the skewer combining it with vegetables (pepper, tomato, mushroom, onion…), then cook it in a frying pan, in the oven or the grill. We hope you like it!


With Churrasco Sauce, Spicy Churrasco or Chimichurri

If you want to enjoy your hamburger much more, marinate the meat or drizzle the bread directly with one of our meat sauces.
Your burger will have a special flavor!


With O’Preve Sauces

You only have to marinate the meat with one of our specific meat sauces. Once the meat is marinated, cook it and then fill the dough of the empanadillas with the meat, close them and fry.
The flavor of the dumplings will surely surprise you.
Enjoy them and bon appetit!


With Churrasco Sauce, Spicy Churrasco or Chimichurri

First you have to cook the octopus and after cooking it, cut the legs, marinate them with one of our Churrasco or Chimichurri sauces and sauté them in the pan.
You will see how tasty they are with our olive oil, wine, vinegar, garlic and spice mix.
¡We hope you like it!


With Bravísima Sauce

Simply cut the potatoes into cubes, fry them and once served on the plate, add Bravísima Sauce to taste.
Tasty and Spicy!


With Adobo Sauce

Clean the mushrooms with a damp cloth, then put a little bit of oil in a frying pan or griddle and add the mushrooms. When they are done add them Adobo sauce of garlic and parsley, let evaporate, season it with a little bit of salt and it is ready to taste.

Suggestion: If you want to give it a spicy touch, you can add a chilli to add the sauce.

You can also make this recipe with one of our Churrasco, Churrasco Spicy or Chimichurri Sauces.


With Bravísima Sauce and Mayonnaise

This is one of our easiest recommendations. You just have to fry a potato and if you do not feel like frying it, use bag potato chips and add a few drops of our Bravísima Sauce. They will be delicious and spicy!

You can also prepare a Spicy Cocktail Sauce, pour a little mayonnaise in a container or a bowl and add a splash of Bravísima Sauce, stir everything until it creates a homogeneous color and ready to taste.


With Sauce Adobo Garlic and Parsley

This recipe is as delicious as it is simple, you just have to put oil on a griddle with high heat, add the razors clams and drizzle them with our Adobo Garlic and Parsley Sauce. Let them cook, and they are ready


With Churrasco or Chimichurri Sauce


A suggestion we make for your meatballs is to add our Churrasco sauce or Chimichurri to the minced meat when you are about to add the rest of the ingredients to make them.

The spices and seasonings of our sauces will give them a very special flavor.

Enjoy them with a good company!


With Chimichurri


You can give the Bolognese sauce a special touch once it is made if you add a splash of our Chimichurri Sauce. Stir well, boil for five minutes and ready to enjoy!


With Adobo Sauce


First you have to remove the scallops from the shell, using a knife; then you have to clean them well, both the scallops and the shells, so that they do not have any sand left.

Pour the scallops into a container and pour them our garlic and parsley Adobo Sauce. In a frying pan or on a griddle, add oil and wait until it is very hot.

When it is very hot, put the scallops already seasoned with the sauce. One minute on each side is enough to make them ready to eat.

Enjoy your meal!


With Churrasco or Chimichurri Sauce


A steak or a barbecue is made with different types of meat: beef, pork, chicken…

Usually it’s done with bone-in beef skirt, pork rib, chicken drumsticks and creole sausage.

To make a ten out of ten steak, the ideal way is to marinate the meat with one of our special meat sauces a day before so that the meat is soaked in all the flavor and smell of spices, condiments, olive oil, wine, vinegar and salt of our sauces.

Put the meat on the grill and add a little bit of salt. When the meat is well seared on both sides, serve it on a plate, accompanied by fried potatoes and salad. You can drizzle over the meat and potatoes with our sauce, will give an incredible flavor.

You can enjoy this with your family or your friends!