Learn how to marinate meats with our delicious sauces ?!

Marinating meats can be the key step for your food to acquire that special touch that you were looking for so much. Let the meat rest with one of our exquisite sauces and obtain results that will make your palate happy.

Tips and recommendations for marinating meats

Our gastronomy is characterized by being one of the most popular in the world due to its exquisite seasoning. The effect can be obtained using our great variety of delicious sauces. Therefore, here we will leave you some tips so that marinating meats is a success.

  • If you choose to marinate with an acid base, you should not leave it marinating for so long, this way the meat will not lose its texture.
  • When using fresh herbs you should triple the amount you would normally use if they were dry.
  • The resting time is variable, everything will depend on the cut of the meat. Those cuts of tender meats require less time than tough cuts.
  • Avoid using aluminum containers, these can rust and change the taste of the food and it will be unpleasant. Ideally, use materials such as glass, porcelain or stainless steel. You can even get great results by using airtight bags.
  • The time to marinate meats can last from hours to days but the minimum is 1 hour.
  • For every kilo of meat there are at least 250 ml of marinade, although everything will depend on your tastes.
  • Never leave the meat to rest at room temperature as it can be damaged, it is best to refrigerate.

O’Preve Churrasco Sauce, the perfect complement to your meats.

With our O’Preve Churrasco Sauce for meats, it can be your ally at lunchtime. The excellent combination of its ingredients will enhance the flavor of any of your preparations. In addition, it does not contain gluten so it is ideal for people with celiac disease.

This sauce is great with any type of meat, from baked or grilled meats to sausages and of course… Churrascos! Likewise, it does not require refrigeration, you just have to keep it in a dry and cool environment. Create incredible and delicious dishes with our sauce. What are you waiting to buy yours?

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