Learn about the interesting history of barbecue in our gastronomy ?.

We can make a spectacular barbecue in many ways where one is more exquisite than the other. But, since when did this technique begin to be used? Find out a little more about our incredible gastronomy.

The history of our barbecue

Roasting is a technique used to cook food, especially meats. The food is exposed to the heat of the embers or to the fire and thus it cooks slowly. Thus giving a delicious and different flavor to the meats and vegetables that are cooked using this technique.

Now, everything started in prehistoric times and was optimized in the medieval Andalusian period. Little by little, it was nurtured with other cultures such as the Arab, where the baking of bread was taken as a reference. Likewise, the way of making skewers and skewers that are usually made outdoors was taken into account.

On the other hand, the gastronomy of Castillas is considered one of the most popular because in this place it is known as the “barbecue area”. The Castilian barbecue is characterized by the use of pork (tender) and sheep.

This technique was established in our Iberian Peninsula in the 12th century with the use of lamb meat. It is even common to roast different game meats. On the other hand, in La Rioja, asado became famous thanks to the chuletillas al sarmiento (lamb chops grilled on the grill).

Various preparations were adapted for fish such as: Sardines from Malaga and sea bream a la Madrid. This form of fish is consumed in different places, not just on the coasts. It also has Mediterranean influences as roasted vegetables are famous in that area and are widely used in Catalan meals.

Churrasco or Barbecue: With Churrasco or Chimichurri Sauce, everything tastes better.

A roasted churrasco or a barbecue is made with different types of meat: veal, pork, chicken. The most popular is with bone-in beef brisket, pork rib, chicken thigh and Creole chorizo.

To make a roast churrasco of ten, the ideal is to marinate the meat with one of our special meat sauces the day before. Thus the meat will be soaked in all the flavor and smell of spices, condiments, olive oil, wine, vinegar and salt from our sauces.

Put the meat on the grill and add a little salt. When the meat is well browned on both sides, serve it on a plate, accompanied by French fries and salad. You can top the meat and potatoes with our sauce, it will give them an incredible flavor.

To enjoy with family or friends, but always in good company!

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